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Notes from Quarterly Superintendent Meeting w/ SPEDPAC, DELAC, & CPC (December 2020)

These meeting notes were taken by Christie Gibson, a JQES Parent. She is also JQES CPC Rep and Communications Co-chair for CPC. To view the FULL Notes, please use the following link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mg91gYkg-PW9p7ve0LEkUmIX7QeQKmIMNTie4Zp29AE/edit?usp=sharing

The Citywide Parent Council had its quarterly meeting with the Superintendent last night [12/7/20]. The full notes are linked above, here are highlights:

- 28 more schools will be welcoming back approximately 1900 in-person students this coming Monday. These are all high needs students either with 1) a level 3 or higher disability or 2) SLIFE students who have had significant interruptions in their schooling. Any students who are eligible to attend in-person Monday have been contacted already.

- The 2021-22 budget process has started. At next week's School Committee meeting (Wed 12/16), the Superintendent will be asking for the City to recommit to its pledged resources above and beyond inflation increases, despite the strain on the city budget from the pandemic and concurrent economic situation.

- There are currently information sessions about the adjustment to the exam school admissions process for the coming year. In the coming months there will be a Task Force formed to figure out how to deal with admissions in subsequent years, including any years where conventional testing results are not available due to the pandemic.

- While individual school fundraising was suspended last spring, it is possible now and has been since the beginning of the school year. BPS is trying to find ways to increase partnership relationships at schools that lack this resource.

- BuildBPS meetings will start up again in early 2021

- School staff are not going to be able to opt out of in-person learning assignments, but BPS is working with the BTU on creative scheduling ideas that ensure teachers don't have to teach in-person and remote students at the same time.

- BPS is putting out an RFP for monitoring air quality in school buildings

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