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Faculty and Staff

JQES is proud to have a staff of teachers that are passionate about making a difference in students’ lives through tireless dedication to education. Get to know each of our team members below.

Student Support and Family Engagement Team

Ashley Alvarez, Partnership and Operations

Wenxin Zhang, Family Liaison

Quinn Beattie, City Connects

Rowena Tuttle, Community Field Coordinator

LD/MD Teachers

Linda Mui White (K0/K1)

Lauren Walton (K0/K1)

Ta-Tanisha Curry (Gr. 1/2)

Amy Nguyen (Gr. 2-4)

Mark Sacco (Gr. 2/3)

Carolyn DeCarlo (Gr. 4/5)

Molly Gillespie (Gr. 4/5)


Andrea Blake, Computer Science

Heidi Boulogne, Librarian

Susan Buki, Occupational Therapist

Amy Carlson, Physical Therapist

Sally Connors, Health

Courtney DeCarlo, Movement

Kristen Delmonte, Resource Room

Patrice Duffy-Monahan, Music Teacher

Tracy Guan, Speech & Language

Tom Levett, Physical Education

Matthew Lydon, IB Coordinator

Kelly McDermott, Physical Therapist

Juliana O'Brien, Movement

Pallavi Shukla, Speech Pathologist

Eric Wong, Psychologist

Lori Wong, Generalist

Xiaoping Xie, Mandarin

Sarah Wattles, Art

Amanda Alexis, ESL

Janssen McCormick, ESL

Francisca Hom, ESL

Christopher Carron, Coordinator of Special Education (COSE)


K1, Gertrudes Fidalgo

K1, Sarah O'Leary

K1, Nancy Yee


K2, Stephanie Crawford

K2, Kelly Garcelon

K2, Rebecca Lee

K2, Leanne Switzer

K2, Angel Ngo Yang

Grade 1

Beverly Friberg and Heidi Thomas

Andrea Cammarata

Melinda Seeto

Tinyan Chan

Alice Chan

Angela Cao

Connie Postma

Grade 2

Yvonne Der Yi

Charlotte Menna

Jasmine Young

Paula Gee

Jennifer Liao

Sylvia Ng

Stephanie Tham

Grade 3

Nhi Dang

Susan Connelly

Phillip Amara

Siu Wan Luie

Winnie Li

Grade 4

Susan Crawford and Matthew Lydon

Victoria Chan

Nicole Terranova

Joey Law

Chu Hei Chan

Grade 5

Kelly Keefe

Deborah Aguayo-Delgado

Sophia Wang

Steven Lee

Jerry Qiao

Class By Grade, Homeroom, and Teacher

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