Dear JQES Families:


As we come to the end of another school year, it is an important time to reflect. It is a time to celebrate our accomplishments, assess how we have tackled challenges during an unprecedented time, and to look towards the future.


First, we would like to thank YOU for being a part of the JQES community.  Our school administration, staff, community partners, and families have been working together throughout the school year and during the school closure related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank you and appreciate your partnership with our school now and always. We are proud that our students continue to show their F.I.R.E. Values and IB learner profile traits. Now more than ever we believe in the importance of our vision to prepare the next generation to be global citizens.

We look forward to what the future will bring and hope to be reunited with our students in the building when it is safe to do so. While we do not know exactly how the upcoming school year will look, we will work with the district and state to follow safety guidelines on the reopening of our school building and safely transitioning to in school learning.

We hope that you and your family continue to stay safe and healthy. Our school website, www.jqes.org, has a number of family resources available should you or your family need it. If you need additional support throughout the summer, please contact Ashley Alvarez at alvareat@bc.edu. You and your family are valued, you are seen, and we as a school will continue to do our best to help connect you and your student with what is needed for their academic and social/emotional development and success. Wishing you a happy and healthy summer!


Stay healthy and be well,

JQES Administration Team

To support your child’s learning, our TEACHERS will...

  • Include clear learning objectives / targets or purpose for assignments.

  • Communicate learning tasks with a clear purpose and outcome.

  • Include links to specialists' Google Classrooms.

  • Include opportunities for physical activity. 

  • Use academic videos -- ones with subtitles are especially useful.

  • Plan for at least 3 hours of academics per day.

  • Aim for 1hr off-screen for every 2hrs on-screen.

  • Schedule assignment posts, or post within typical business hours, once at the beginning of each week.

  • Minimize the number of posts used per day/week.

  • Organize Google Classroom by week and send a weekly email for assignments for easy navigation and streamline tools.

  • Family contact should occur outside of Google Classroom posts.

  • Include a regular welcome / check-in.

  • Monitor student participation.

  • Note student progress or mastery.

  • Connect with students at least every 3 school days.

  • Give substantive feedback on major student work.

  • Establish times & methods for students to be able to chat synchronously (live) with you/ask questions.

  • Connect with families weekly.

  • Protect student privacy by not posting student recordings from online platforms on social media.

  • Provide synchronous (live) learning and asynchronous (not live) learning opportunities
    for all students that totals at least 3 hours of academic learning per day.

  • Include exit tickets, or other forms of recording, to gather students’ responses about their learning experiences, their participation in physical activity, and their participation in specialty class that day.

To partner with us, FAMILIES can help by doing your best to....

  • Make sure your child is logged on to class meetings and complete their assignments each day/week. 


  • Review learning assignments with your child, and contact the teachers with questions.


  • Remind your child to attend their 20-min specialty class, and complete the related work.


  • Find time for your child to have physical activity.


  • Give your child the technology and workspace needed to complete their assignments.


  • Keep in contact via calls, texts, or emails; please don’t use Google Classroom to message teachers.


  • Help / remind your child to review their teacher’s feedback and make adjustments as needed.


  • Avoid posting / sharing class videos or pictures on any platform (Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc).


  • Use the learning resources provided (links below) if your child needs more academic work.


  • Be understanding of teachers’ schedule limitations; we will always do our best to connect with you!


Our teachers have prepared learning materials to support your child's learning at home during school closure.

Visit your child's Google Classroom for assignments and our Help At Home Learning page to access additional grade level online learning resources. 

To access your child's Google Classroom, log in to Clever and Click on Google Classroom for learning resources and assignments.

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and achieve their best, to foster sound habits of mind and action, and to instill in our students such virtues as integrity, respect, and self discipline.




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